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Excellent customer service as always. I evaluated GiantTech long and hard and was reluctant to buy. BUT, now I am a convert. Your merchandise is everything as advertised and more..............operator lack of experience is a factor but the machine will kick A...

Larry, I just wanted to say that these GiantTech Plasma cutters are GREAT! I was one of your first customers about 2 years and bought a Cut40 from you! I have used it almost every week for the last 2 years without any trouble at all! I have cut up to 5/8" with it with no problems. I am building a Weight Transfer Sled for ATV's and Garden Tractors. All medal is 1/4" to 1/2" Plate and it cuts it with no clean up before welding. Best Time and money saving purchase I have made! It has payed for itself many times over!! I thank you also for the service I have received over the years with Consumable purchases from you. I was a little concerned about getting replacement parts for it when I first purchased it but so far have not needed anything but consumables and knowing you are still selling these after 2 years says alot about them!!
Best Regards Rick in Texas
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